Legal, Acounting and Tax Counseling

We offer the following services, with professionals specialized in each of the areas:


  • Integral legal counseling to assess and answer inquiries of management issues, mainly relating to partnerships and business in every level and with risk approach and risk reduction.

  • Answers to common issues of commercial law and areas related to the company from its foundation/incorporation (kinds of partnerships appropriate for the nature and needs of the business and its prospective growth), its performance (partnership conflicts, meetings, functions and conflicts of the board of directors, commercial and cooperation agreements between companies, international agreements, licenses, banking law, labor law, loans and financing alternatives available in the financial and ban market –tax benefits – debt reengineering) to its possible conclusion (meeting of creditors and bankruptcies).  

Accounting and Tax

  • Corporations: Incorporation, register before the different control entities
  • Accounting: (Financial Statements, Inventories, Audits)
  • Assessment of National and Provincial Taxes
  • Preparation and Presentation of Affidavits
  • Settlement of salaries and social security taxes, drawing up of receipts and book records
  • Information Procedures
  • Export Tax Regulations
  • Inspections
  • Tax holiday and Payment plans
  • Accounting certifications

Commercial, local, etc Authorizations